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AACS Applauds Senator Enzi’s Approach For Universal Application of 90/10 Law

AACS Applauds Senator Enzi’s Approach For Universal Application of 90/10 Law

Scottsdale, AZ — Today, the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS), which represents over 600 schools across the country, released the following statement from AACS Executive Director Kathy Chow who applauded U.S. Senator Mike Enzi (R- WY) for introducing legislation to expand the “90/10” accountability law in the Higher Education Act to all colleges and universities, whether they are public, non-profit or for-profit. “We believe the 90/10 law, which currently applies exclusively to for-profit colleges, is inherently a flawed institutional accountability metric that actually measures institutional revenue sources not institutional or programmatic quality or student outcomes. However, we also believe that if 90/10 remains in the law, its exclusive application to only for-profit institutions are misguided. Senator Enzi‘s treatment of all institutions equally, regardless of their tax status, advances the important principle of equal treatment of all institutions under any Higher Education Act accountability measure put in place by Congress,” stated Kathy Chow, Executive Director of AACS.

AACS has recommended to policymakers that the arbitrary 90/10 law be eradicated as a Title IV accountability metric because it does not measure institutional quality. The current 90/10 law does not address or improve the student debt issues facing the country or institutional accountability in the areas of student retention, completion, default or placement that plague all types of institutions.

“However,” Kathy Chow added, “We will never solve major issues facing our higher education system if we don’t start by addressing universal application of any and all accountability metrics. Our goal for the students who wish to attend any type of institution of higher learning is to be able to choose a school that’s right for them based on meaningful, useful and relevant accountability metrics. The sole application of the 90/10 law to for-profit schools just doesn’t get the job done for students and Congress needs to hold all institutions, not just some, accountable.”

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