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Elaine Sterling Institute

Elaine Sterling Institute

We are excited to celebrate with AACS member Elaine Sterling Institute (ESI), as they expand their Atlanta area school. Elaine started in the industry as a massage therapist in South Africa, where she honed her European-style spa and salon techniques. Elaine combined her passion for European sophistication and salon styles with American science, technology, and innovation. She continues to stress the importance of education and challenges her students to understand the value of hosting guests and catering to them with polish and elegance. ESI has a breathtaking campus with an elegant appearance and chic style. Elaine states, “I want my students to remember where they started, so when they go off to start their own business or work for other companies, they carry themselves with sophistication and standard. A client never forgets.”

Elaine started her school with a credit card and only six students. She taught every class until she was able to add instructors and additional programs. The expansion of ESI makes it one of the largest accredited beauty schools of its kind. The institute certifies students in cosmetology, massage therapy, nail care, and esthetics. Elaine also created an esthetic line, Elaine Sterling Skincare, that embodies her passion for American science and European flare.

As she grew and expanded her business to accommodate her students, Elaine’s goal was to have a location that was an easy commute for students in an iconic place in Atlanta, Lenox Square Mall. On Tuesday, June 14, 2022, Elaine held an open house and cut the ribbon for her 39,000-sq-ft space. With this expansion, ESI can comfortably educate and advance the lives of its 450+ annual enrollees.

Elaine is no stranger to hardship and it’s especially appropriate during June, National Cancer Survivor Month, to acknowledge her personal battle with the disease. Her drive and dedication helped her grow her business from a single teacher facility in 2008 to one of the biggest schools for beauty and wellness. Congratulations, Elaine!

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