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Week of Feb. 28 In The States

Week of Feb. 28 In The States

This Week in the States

The first week of March finds 44 state legislatures actively meeting. Key recent or pending legislative deadlines follow below.

Arkansas – February 28 bill introduction deadline
Colorado – March 2 crossover deadline
Florida – March 1 Senate committee deadline
Illinois – February 25 Senate first chamber deadline
Hawaii – March 4 First Decking (first chamber deadline)
Illinois – March 4 crossover deadline
Indiana – February 28 is the last day for the House to consider Senate bills and March 1 is the last day for the Senate to consider House bills
Kentucky – March 1 House introduction deadline & March 3 Senate introduction deadline
Louisiana – March 4 prefiling deadline
Mississippi – March 1 second chamber deadline
Missouri – March 1 bill introduction deadline
Oklahoma – March 3 first chamber deadline
Rhode Island – March 1 revised House introduction deadline
Utah – March 1 crossover deadline & March 4 session adjournment
Virginia – deadline for each chamber to pass budget and revenue bills
Washington – March 4 second chamber passage deadline
West Virginia – March 2 crossover deadline
Wyoming – March 1 crossover deadline

Upcoming Hearings/Executive Sessions

March 8, 2022 at 1:00 pm – Maryland House Economic Matters Committee Hearing on HB 1265
The bill would require the State Board of Barbers and the State Board of Cosmetologists to review “duplicative or excessively onerous” requirements for individuals seeking licenses to practice both barbering and cosmetology.

March 7, 2022 – New Hampshire House Executive Departments and Administration Executive Session on HB 1171 and HB 1560
HB 1171 would exempt the following niche beauty services from licensure: eyelash extension application; blow dry and hair styling; makeup application; threading; persons who provide cosmetology services for theatrical purposes, etc; and persons who demonstrate use of cosmetic beauty aids or equipment.”

HB 1560 provides for one-to-one licensure reciprocity for beauty industry professions similarly licensed in another state.

State Bill Enactments

Tennessee SB 1722
The Act extends the sunset of the state’s Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners to June 30, 2028.

West Virginia HB 4024 – Effective May 15, 2022
The Act allows the state’s Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists to establish cosmetology apprenticeships. 

South Carolina House Passes Hair Design Licensure Bill

South Carolina’s House of Representatives voted 76 to 32 to pass H4082, which would establish a 1,200-hour hair design license. The bill has been transmitted to the Senate and referred to the chamber’s Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee.

South Dakota Barbering Bill Receives Final Legislative Approval 

South Dakota’s Senate voted unanimously (29 to 0) last week to pass HB 1169. Once enrolled, the bill, which would reduce the course of instruction for barbering from 1,550 to 1,500 hours, will be transmitted to Governor Kristi Noem (R) for signature into law.

Bills on the Move

Kanas’ Senate voted 34 to 6 last week to pass a threading deregulation bill. SB 348 is currently awaiting transmittal to the House.

An Iowa bill – SF2022 – that would allow barbers and cosmetologists to practice outside of a salon, school, or barbershop pursuant to Board regulations was unanimously (45 to 0) passed by the Senate on Monday. SF 2022 has been transmitted to the House and referred to the chamber’s State Government Committee.

Maine’s Health Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services Committee favorably reported LD1882 last week. As previously reported, the bill “directs the Department of Health and Human Services to review and evaluate training and board certification requirements for engaging in the practice of micropigmentation.” According to the bill’s preamble, “cosmetology training schools and institutes are not offering training in micropigmentation in the State and this has resulted in few opportunities for licensure under the current rules.”

Finally, Illinois SB 675 failed to meet the legislature’s first chamber passage deadline and has been re-referred to the Senate Assignments Committee. As previously reported, the bill would provide for the administration of beauty industry licensure exams in Chinese, Korean, Spanish, or Vietnamese languages.

Bill Text and Questions

Please visit AACS’ Bill Tracking Portal for bill text and status. You may also contact Brian Newman at or by phone at 202-491-5254 with comments or questions.

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