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Golden School Awards: Facilities Winner

Golden School Awards: Facilities Winner

AACS is proud to announce the winner of the Facilities Golden School Award, Paul Mitchell The School, Arlington.

A great school facility is a location that provides a clean, uncluttered environment that is conducive to learning. The facility should not add to the distractions we have in everyday life, but rather provide an environment that allows the student to focus on the lesson at hand. A school should have up to date, if not state of the art equipment so students are learning with the most relevant tools and in the most relevant surroundings. It should not only be uncluttered and up to date, but also in a location that will provide guest traffic for student services so the most real life learning experience can occur. This will not only help the student gain more experience and more knowledge, but also more confidence in their skills as well.

Paul Mitchell The School, Arlington’s 22,996 square foot facility has been purpose-built with a student’s learning experience in mind. Intentional organization, constant cleaning, and crisp white walls allow their buildings to provide a learning environment free from distraction. They have small and medium-size classrooms for students to utilize for their theory classes and new students to learn basic skills before moving out to our clinic classroom. They also have a large classroom that accommodates specialty classes and extracurricular activities such as guest artists classes and hair shows.

Paul Mitchell The School, Arlington also has a clinic classroom that provides a more salon reality environment. Other classrooms may be free from windows and distractions, but this classroom allows students to experience what it will be like in their future work environment. With upbeat music playing in the cosmetology and barber clinic classrooms, windows to provide natural light, and neatly arranged custom-built stations, the student can learn what it is like to utilize the skills they are learning in a more stimulating yet safe environment. The lighting in the facility is all LED lighting that provides the temperature of natural light for students to see what their results genuinely look like and gives them the best ability to see their work.

With the facility being next to a major shopping center with a large volume of traffic, there are many guests who come in for services. The guest traffic provides the students with many learning experiences that will vary from guest to guest. With the guest traffic, the students learn how to perform services on all hair types providing many different hair cuts, color applications, and other treatments. These guest experiences give them the knowledge of how to best approach each service according to the different hair lengths, colors, and textures on which they apply their techniques.

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