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Golden School Awards: Placement Finalist

Golden School Awards: Placement Finalist

AACS is proud to announce the finalist of the Placement Golden School Award, Alexander Paul Institute of Hair Design.

The success of Alexander Paul Institute of Hair Design’s job placement rates is a result of a total institutional focus on placement.

Since outcome rates are so impressive, this is a focus in the admissions process. During Alexander Paul Institute of Hair Design tours, admission representatives communicate that these are the kind of outcomes they can expect from their education and that the school expects from the students. To be considered for admission, students must submit for review: an application form, personal identification information, an essay, high school transcript, an application fee, and transcripts from any other cosmetology or esthetics schools. Red flags send applications to a committee decision where the application is reviewed in more detail. The tour and application process both dissuade or deny potential students that aren’t serious about the career.

The culture of the school is one of success and achievement. Much of the school’s curriculum focuses on both hard and soft skills needed for the workplace. The workplace focus (rather than a focus on just licensure) drives students to not even consider the possibility of not being employed in the field after graduation. In addition, the school’s placement rates are displayed around the school like championship banners so that students rise to continue the school’s legacy in regard to placement. The placement rates are discussed emphasized in orientation as well.

The curriculum includes subjects that go beyond the text chapters about placement. Students are required to pass a graded portfolio before graduation. The school developed criteria to make sure the portfolio has content for employers. Students create either an online portfolio or printed photo book. Students attend theory classes on interviews and perform a graded mock interview. Students get awards based on attendance and student salon performance to show to potential employers. Students must attend an all-day resume building session and create a graded resume. Students attend a job search class session on how to approach a salon to get an interview and how to target the salon that is right for them. The session discusses things as detailed as how to create a pdf and submit resumes electronically. The resume and job search sessions are led by one of the school’s founders and job placement official, Alex Naoum.

Students are actively encouraged to use social media, and social media is a graded unit in the curriculum. They are taught how to be discovered by potential clients AND employers. Because of this, many are recruited by employers on social media prior to graduation and begin direct communication with employers.

Alexander Paul Institute of Hair Design graduates are well prepared for the workplace. This has led to placement and to the school’s positive reputation in the beauty community. In addition, many of the graduates either hold prestigious positions in salons or are salon owners themselves. Alexander Paul Institute of Hair Design’s community involvement with the local beauty industry has led to a steady pipeline of communication and placement with local salon.

Our founders take a hands-on role in job placement. The career services official/job placement official is a founder, Alex Naoum. Besides being actively involved in resume training and job search classes, each student is REQUIRED to complete a career counseling session with Alex as a requirement for graduation. During this session, each student’s specific career path is discussed. For students farther in the process, we evaluate whether the student is making the correct choices for them. For students beginning the job search process, we map out a plan for the job search process.

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