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Golden School Awards: School Culture Finalist

Golden School Awards: School Culture Finalist

AACS is proud to announce the finalist of the School Culture Golden School Award, L’esprit Academy.

L’esprit Academy believes that school culture is created by example. L’esprit Academy strives to meet their 10 core values daily. These core values consist of family focused, accountability, integrity, resourceful, leadership, customer driven, teamwork, energy, fun, and challenge! L’esprit Academy has students from all over the country, teaching their traditions and styles. Many times you would walk into a classroom and a student is teaching another classmate how to apply henna or how to do a different type of braid for example. Different cultures helps create understanding and above all, knowledge! During lockdown last March, the team at L’esprit Academy quickly realized how much their students wanted to help one another out, they were truly all in this TOGETHER!

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