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Golden School Awards: School Culture Winner

Golden School Awards: School Culture Winner

AACS is proud to announce the winner of the School Culture Golden School Award, Avenue Five Institute.

Avenue Five Institute believes that beauty and wellness is about self-love, acceptance, and personal confidence. With this in mind, they are dedicated to immersing their students and staff, as well as salon and spa clients, in their authentic culture. From fashion shows to picture-perfect theme walls, these are just some of the many ways Avenue Five Institute helps students grow their skill sets and their portfolios, all while fostering a supportive, caring, and fun student culture. At the end of the day, it’s about letting students know school leaders are there for them and care about their success.

  • Fashion Shows: A well balanced education should always include portfolio and studio work. That’s why Avenue Five Institute produces several fashion shows throughout the year. This allows students to showcase their talents and creativity to clients, friends, and family. Each fashion show has a theme and students must follow detailed instructions to create the wardrobe, accessories, hair and makeup.
  • Thankful Wall: Even when times get tough, there are an abundance of reasons to feel thankful and express gratitude every day. That’s why they invite students to leave a personal note sharing what they are thankful for on our dedicated ‘Thankful Wall’.
  • Winter Holiday Wall: Students and staff decorate a holiday tree with festive messages and New Year wishes.
  • Valentine’s Photo Wall: To celebrate love and friendship, school leaders invited students, staff, and clients to snap a photo in front of a giant heart lovingly made out of balloons and flowers.
  • Fantasy Hair Competition: “Be creative and think outside the box.” That was the only requirement the cosmetology instructors gave students for this friendly competition. Without a doubt, Avenue Five Institute can confidently say their cosmetology students exceeded all expectations. Their creativity for this type of competition has no limits. Thus, allowing students and staff to participate at a different level of thinking that promotes creative and fun collaboration.

Avenue Five Institute was “pawsitively” excited to welcome Atlas the therapy-dog to our school for a year, as a supporting companion to one of their US Military Veteran students enrolled in the massage therapy program. In fact, Avenue Five Institute even gave Atlas a special birthday celebration. The companion support was well received by staff and student body, while providing inspiration and confirmation to a school culture that supports all students to reach their goals.

Student Council is a group of volunteer students working together to help maintain a positive school culture at Avenue Five Institute. The student council provides student body support through different avenues. They’ve raised initiatives for improvements to school culture and maintain a positive support system throughout their term. The student council holds weekly meetings to discuss ideas, as well as monthly events to raise funds for student needs. In addition, they initialize collaboration for events with student body and staff, as well as offer community support.

Student Council has provided free breakfasts and lunches to students who can’t afford meals. Plus, they have provided breakfast to all at a discounted and affordable rate. They have also helped raise funds for students in need of metro bus passes, or fuel money to travel to school. As a result, this supports the culture of expected attendance. Student council has even raised money to purchase clothes for students who can’t afford clothing. Thus, helping support the school culture of professional dress and appearance.

Student council has initialized collaboration with community support groups like the local ARC Homeless Center in Austin, homeless resource centers throughout central Texas, Seton Cancer Center, and shelters for displaced young women. These collaborations resulted in additional school support at local charity events for hair and skin services. Student council also promoted   school dances and prom events to help foster a positive school culture.

Building a fun and supportive culture allows students to gain confidence, create partnerships, and earn tools for a successful future. Avenue Five Institute wants their students to know school leaders are there for them every step of the way, even after they graduate. In fact, many previous students return to help further foster the one-for-all community vibe we work hard to facilitate.

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