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Help us Advocate for Including Our Schools and Students in Additional COVID-19 Relief Funding

Help us Advocate for Including Our Schools and Students in Additional COVID-19 Relief Funding

Dear AACS Members,

We need your help! We are calling on all AACS Members to contact their representatives TODAY to urge the inclusion of our schools and students in the next COVID-19 Relief Package being negotiated NOW. Believe it or not, some Representatives and Senators are seeking to exclude us from the next round of Higher Education Emergency Relief funding. We must tell Congress not to play politics with this emergency aid!

Today and into the weekend, House and Senate leadership is negotiating the next COVID-19 relief bill, including additional funding for higher education. As you know, the CARES Act, passed in May 2020, was a bipartisan bill that included all institutions and all students in COVID-19 Relief. AACS member schools worked hard to ensure that the funds were quickly allocated to students demonstrating need and to put in place procedures to account for use and distribution of CARES Act funds. Needy students– whether nonprofit, proprietary or public – found this emergency aid to be a lifeline to assist with technology, medical, housing, food and other costs so that they could continue their education. We are advocating for the same treatment as the CARES Act in this next bill so that our schools and students can be assisted just like other institutions that qualify for this assistance.

AACS wrote this week to Speaker Pelosi (D-CA), House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-TX), Senate Majority Leader McConnell (R-KY) and Senate Minority Leader Schumer (D-NY) urging them to include our schools and students in the funding formula for additional Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds, but we need YOU to weigh in also!

We hope you’ll join us in advocating TODAY on this important issue. We have made it very easy for you. Please click here to go to AACS’ Phone 2 Action to send a pre-drafted communication to your Representative and Senators. Do it NOW!


Anthony Civitano, Executive Director
Neal Heller, Chairman, Government Relations Committee

Contact Your Representative Today

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