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Host Your Member of Congress In-Person or Virtually

Host Your Member of Congress In-Person or Virtually

Hosting your Member of Congress is a critical component of effective advocacy and ensuring each Representative or Senator understands the impact your school has on their Congressional District, their constituents and the local economy. Not every lawmaker is familiar with a cosmetology school, its operations, the students, the staff and faculty but you can bet each one gets their hair cut!

Campus tours are the best way to cultivate Congressional champions and neutralize those who do not know a lot about the schools and our student’s needs. Clear communication coupled with raw data on student completion, employment placement, accreditation, industry standards equipment in the classroom and happy students can really move a lawmaker or politician.

If Members of Congress aren’t making in-person visits, we can schedule a zoom meeting as a backup plan.

Don’t worry about knowing specific bill numbers or using terminology from Washington, D.C. Show and tell each Member and their staff all about your school, the story, and showcase your students and their success!

To get started:

  • Click here to download the spreadsheet. Please be sure to provide all of the information requested, so we can look up your Member of Congress by zip code. Please email your spreadsheet to Beth Taras, Baran Strategy & Communication, at:
  • Once we look up your Member of Congress and your 2 Members of the Senate via the zip code you provide, we will provide you a template letter; please complete the letter and fill in the missing pieces (student population, % minorities, etc.); please feel free to personalize it as much as you can and send back a scanned copy signed on letterhead.
  • TC will receive your signed invitation letter to review one final time and then provide you with the respective email address for the scheduler located in the Congressional offices.
  • At that point, you should email a copy of the invitation and please copy TC Wolfe with the invitation letter: From there, TC will conduct follow-up and coordinate each visit with the Congressional office and your point of contact.

The demands on a Member of Congress are many and sometimes, it takes weeks, months and a lot of back and forth communication, scheduling changes, etc. Half of the work is just figuring out schedules!

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