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Partner Spotlight: European Wax Center®

Partner Spotlight: European Wax Center®

AACS is extremely grateful for our partner members’ support of the beauty and wellness education industry. Our partner members went the extra mile to help our industry pivot when the COVID-19 pandemic first began. These relationships are critical to all our continued success. European Wax Center® is one of our partner members who employ many of our esthetics graduates across the country.

European Wax Center is a leading personal care franchise brand founded in 2004. They offer expert wax services from certified wax specialists, ensuring that every guest who walks through the door leaves feeling confident—in European Wax Center and themselves. European Wax Center provides guests with a first class, professional waxing experience by the most highly trained estheticians in the industry, within the privacy of clean, individual waxing suites. They’re so certain everyone will love the European Wax Center experience that they offer a free complimentary wax to each new guest. European Wax Center continues to revolutionize the waxing category with their innovative signature Comfort Wax™. This proprietary blend is formulated with the highest quality ingredients to leave skin feeling smooth and make waxing a more pleasant and virtually painless experience. To help enhance and extend waxing services, European Wax Center offers a full collection of proprietary pre- and post-wax products designed specifically for waxing skincare solutions, called EWC, to treat, groom, glow, and slow. European Wax Center is a leading wax specialty personal care brand in the United States and its network now includes over 800 centers nationwide.

Reveal and Maintain Beautiful Skin | European Wax Center

  • Approximately how many wax specialists does your franchise network employ across the country? European Wax Center is a national franchise of independently owned and operated businesses. We have over 800 locations across 44 states that independently employ anywhere from 10 to 15 specialists each.
  • Approximately how many new hires does your franchise network make each year? Of those franchisee employees, how many of them attend a cosmetology or esthetic program? Due to our franchise model, we do not track hires employed by our franchisees. Each center hires licensed professionals that can perform EWC services as outlined by the state in which they operate. Each independently owned and operated center employs approximately 10 to 15 specialists.
  • If beauty schools no longer existed in the US, would European Wax Center’s franchisees be able to meet their hiring needs? Each state we operate in requires licensed specialists to perform our services. If schools were not producing talent that meets the state’s requirements, our franchisees would have challenges filling roles. Beauty schools and the cosmetology industry are extremely important to European Wax Center, and we look to support them in any way we can.
  • Why has European Wax Center decided to be a member of the AACS organization? At European Wax Center, we understand the impact and importance of education to the success and growth of business nationwide. We have chosen to become a partner member with AACS to remain versed in how to best support and partner with the beauty educational system, as well as help promote the industry and encourage growth of aesthetics as a career.
  • How has COVID-19 changed your industry, both for the positive and the negative? As a leader in the waxing industry, European Wax Center has always taken hygiene and safety seriously. In light of COVID-19, we increased our policies and practices to ensure the safety of our guests and our associates. European Wax Center is committed to the highest sanitation standards.
  • What does European Wax Center’s brand culture say about its commitment to being a part of the local workforce?  At European Wax Center, we strive to create an environment where people are empowered to be their best selves and our guests leave feeling confident. Our values— we care about each other, we do the right thing, we delight our guests, and we have fun while being awesome—serve as our guide in providing a space that fosters high-performance, development, diversity and inclusion, and encourages associates to have a voice to champion all of this in others. We encourage this culture throughout our entire network and for all those employed in our independently owned and operated centers.

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