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School Spotlight: Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute

School Spotlight: Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute

Mondays at Racine, a 501(c)(3) cancer care program, provides free integrative, beauty and wellness services to anyone going through cancer. These services have proven to increase strength, reduce anxiety and enhance overall well-being; all at NO COST to the patient.

Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute and Mondays at Racine have been partners for more than six years, working together to support the cancer community on Long Island. Together, they have created an extensive volunteer and staff training program, recruiting students from the institute to help at Monday’s programs. These students are taught by trained oncology providers, ensuring that the beauty services offered are safe for the patients and offer relief from the side effects of their cancer treatments.

The only beauty institute on Long Island that is also a Mondays Charter, Dana Persico (CEO & Owner) and her staff, open their doors one day a month to provide FREE beauty services to cancer patients. These services not only help those fighting this awful disease to feel beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well.

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